Representative Cases by Albers Brown Attorneys in Lincoln Nebraska

Representative Cases

Larry's Cases

  • Pamela K. Filter vs. Roy Coulter, Case No. D 11, CI 15 114, District Court for Otoe County (2015) (Represented Defendant in Quiet Title Action. Client awarded title)
  • Telamarketing Investments, LTD, et. al., Appellant, v. State Board of Equalization and Assessment, Appellee, 237 Neb. 398, 466 N.W.2d 82 (Neb. 1991) (Successfully reversed Appellee’s dismissal of Appellant’s request for equalization of its property with that of the railroads, carline companies, and pipeline companies operating in Nebraska.)
  • Enterprise Company, Inc., Appellee v. Americom Corporation, Appellant, 1 Neb. App. 1125, 510 N.W.2d 537 (1993) (Successfully upheld Appellee’s Motion for Summary Judgment at District Court finding that Appellant had breached its lease with Appellee)
  • People Of The State Of Illinois, James E. Ryan, Attorney General v. Home And Environment For Living Programs, Inc., d\b\a Rohmann Plaza, Case No. 96 CH 22, Tenth Judicial Circuit For Illinois (1996) (Represented Receiver in Illinois nominated by Illinois Attorney General and appointed by Court to oversee dissolution of ICFMR facility in Peoria, IL)
  • Midwest Urologic Stone Unit Limited Partnership v. Alan H. Domina, et. al., Case No. 01-212 JRT/FLN, United States District Court Of Minnesota (2001) (Represented Defendants; Case involved claims of breach of covenant not to compete and restraint of trade; Case settled)
  • Phillip L. Tupper and Jorenae Tupper v. BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, et. al., Case No. CI: 10-137, Nebraska District Court for Lancaster County (2010) (Represented Plaintiff; Case involved claims of bank fraud; Case settled)
  • Lisa M. Peterson, Trustee, et. al. v. First State Bank, Case No. CI-13-3372, Nebraska District Court For Lancaster County (2013) (Represented Plaintiff; Case involved claims of bank fraud; Case settled)
  • Jonathan Law v. Premier Psychiatric Group, LLC, et. al., Case No. 4:14-cv-03090-CRZ, United States District Court For Nebraska (2014). (Representing Defendants; Case involves claim of employment promissory estoppel; Case settled)

Brooke's Cases

  • Obtained favorable “no cause determination” from Lincoln Commission on Human Rights for landlord accused of housing discrimination.
  • Obtained favorable settlement and dismissal of employee’s disability discrimination and retaliation claims against employer before the Lincoln Commission on Human Rights.
  • Jonathan Law v. Premier Psychiatric Group, LLC, et al. (U.S. District Court, District of Nebraska, Case No. 4:14-CV-03090): Defended health care provider client in federal court against contract claims by prospective out-of-state employee
  • In re D S Resources, Inc. (United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Nebraska, Case No. 15-40524): Prepared and filed corporate Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and schedules.
  • Advised health care provider employers regarding revisions and updates to personnel policies and procedures.
  • Drafted employment agreements and related contracts for employers in a variety of industries.